Sustainability is an essential part of our culture and one of our core values. To deliver on our purpose to protect our customers, people and the environment, our objectives are closely aligned with the UN SDG's. Our impact is leveraged through our services by helping our customers to optimise their use of resources, minimise their emissions and operate more sustainably. We proactively manage the environmental footprint of our own operations to minimise emissions. We have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and take social and environmental issues into account in the way we operate.​

Sustainable Development

Through the impact of our services we believe we can have the greatest influence over the delivery of four of the UN SDGs. Our contributions are to healthy lives, reliable and sustainable energy, reducing climate change and the sustainable use of the oceans. As we work with key partners to maximise positive outcomes, we continue to increase our understanding of sustainable development.

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Our Customers

We protect the environment by helping our customers to operate more sustainably. Through our testing and advisory services, we help our customers to comply with safety and environmental legislation. In addition, we advise how to operate engines and machinery efficiently, reducing GHG emissions. We also test new fuels for customers as part of their research and development process for greener fuels. 

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Our Operations

We are focused on reducing the environmental impact of our global operations. These efforts are controlled under our Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and are tracked regularly (i.e. monitoring of environmental objective status updates). We continuously review opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint and we have included case studies outlining this work.

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